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No... I don't know how all these buttons work."

                                                           Jose Pavli


If you are on this page, it means you want to know the rest of the story. And I understand.

Everyone wants to know the end of a good story.  As a composer, you want to emphasize the story you are working on. The media you're working on, doesn't really matter.  

Films, video-games, documentaries etc... If you are making one, it is because you have something to say. If your project is not really story-driven, there probably are characters who deserve to have their own theme or melodies.
If your project is still not based on charismatic characters either, the World you have created should get an original and bespoke sound palette to make it sound and feel unique. My responsibility is to bring all those musical ideas to life. 

Now, here is what you've been looking for. Let's go back in February 2002 shall we?

We were about to start playing Metal Gear Solid 2. When the Main Theme played, during that intro we've all seen, I was blown away by the music. I downl... bought it and kept listening to it for months. Shortly after finishing the game, I went to the cinema and saw Narnia. The music was so good again it made me look for the composer on the internet. I realized it was the same composer that made MGS2 Main Theme. That day, I told myself : This is what I want to do. I want to make music for video-games and films.

Since then, I've been studying music and improving in order to become a composer. 

I've started learning classical guitar, orchestral percussions and music theory at the age of 4. During 20 years of Conservatoire I've also studied Composition, Harmony, Counterpoint and Music History.

I've then graduated from the National Video Game and Media School in France (ENJMIN).

I carried on to London to study at the prestigious National Film and Television School (NFTS) where I got an MA in Composing for Film and TV.
During all this time I have also played many instruments in various bands, giving me a unique approach when it comes to blending styles together in order to create an original and memorable identity to a soundtrack.


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